Love is…A Modern Look at What It Truly Means To Love

Who came up with the twisted belief that homosexuality is in God’s “Top Five Most Horrible Sins” book? Does a top five really even exist? As humans, we tend to read the Bible in a way that fits our own agenda. That’s why the Holy Spirit is needed to guide us in our venture of knowing the Father. Day in and day out, I see Christians wounding the gay community with their words and actions. I see hatred and bitterness, not love and compassion. I see protesting and long Facebook statuses about how right they are and how wrong the gay community is, as if their sin of hatred is less of an offense.  I’m not here to take a side, but to take a stand. I want to be known for throwing my door open and welcoming everyone to my table because that is love. Love doesn’t lock the door and throw away the key. Love stretches out its arms and protects and hopes and well, you know the verses. But what if we took those verses (1 Corinthians 13:4-7) and reworded them to more clearly fit this particular situation. Love is gentle and understanding of the struggles that others face. Love is courteous and compassionate and friendly even to those that it disagrees with. Love is not prejudice and bias.  Love doesn’t walk with its nose in the air not even bothering to look at the needs of those on the ground. Love picks up its enemy, like in the story of the good Samaritan, and befriends and nurtures. Love does not dishonor and belittle others regardless of their beliefs and lifestyles. Love does not keep score or hold grudges. Love sacrifices and protects all for the good of the other. Like I learned growing up in Catholic school, love meets you where you are and never leaves you there.


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