He Calls Me Warrior

They call me unqualified, fragile, and ineligible.

He calls me warrior.

They tell me to take it down a notch; after all, women weren’t created to lead.

He tells me that I am capable and strong.

They try to shut me up with their misinterpreted scriptures.

He whispers, “Stand firm, my daughter.”

They say that I’m equal, but their actions prove otherwise.

He says that He has created me in His image.

They call me small, weak, and powerless.

He calls me warrior.

Wait, hold on, I forgot – in Genesis 2:18, God calls woman Adam’s helper and thus makes it perfectly clear that she is subordinate to him.

Sure, if you read most Bibles that have been translated into English, that’s what they seem to say, but if you study the Hebrew words, you will see something much different.

The Hebrew words God used to describe Eve as a “helpmate” were ezer kenegdo.

First of all, if you break it down, ezer (help) means “to rescue/save” and “strength” (See links below for more detail). Second of all, ezer is used 16 more times in the Bible to describe God as a helper to Israel. God is not a weak servant, is He? No, God is a mighty warrior, and He calls women the same!

When combined with ezer, kenegdo means, as Rachel Held Evans puts it, “a helper of the same nature.” She goes on to say that kenegdo literally means, “as in front of him.”

Eve was created to be the perfect match for Adam. The fact that God used Adam’s flesh and rib from his side is symbolic. It expresses that Eve was made to stand alongside Adam, not to wander behind him like an animal. She wasn’t created as a submissive follower, but as an equipped, powerful equal.

What God intended to be a team, humans have distorted to start a game of follow the leader. Woman, God never intended for you to stand behind men as they chivalrously fight the battle. You were designed to be a warrior, just like your Creator!

Sister, next time someone tries to downplay your gifts using Genesis 2:18 (or any other verse), tell them that you were created to be strong.

When they try to fit you into their religious box, remind them that you live in the abundant freedom of Jesus Christ.

When they attempt to belittle you by calling you a “helper,” tell them that God, the Creator of the Universe, calls you warrior.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6Β 

If you want to learn more about ezer kenegdo, check out the links below!Β 













6 thoughts on “He Calls Me Warrior

  1. I’m on wordpress too, and followed you. Don’t want to miss any more of your posts! While I blog on a variety of Christian issues, I do have a gender roles/women in ministry section and blog on it from time to time.


  2. Great take on the relationship reflected in the creation. In one of those nice coincidences, I have a post going up on Monday that looks at the same passage. Eve is not a subordinate being but a co-equal of the same kind as Adam. Good gospel news there!

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