The After Effects of Complementarian Theology

Welcome back to Christian Feminism Weekly with Ashley and Charlie! Today we talk about the after effects of complementarianism. Here’s a sneak preview: 

“…I don’t think that everyone who calls themselves Complementarian is abusive or is in an abusive relationship BUT if you follow the teaching, the mainstream Complementarian teaching, out to its full logical end it WILL become abusive.”

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Notes and Sources:

You do NOT deserve to be abuse and abuse is NEVER your fault. If you are not in a safe place PLEASE call 911 or the 24/7 help line at RAINN: 1.800.656.4673 They also have an option to chat online. They can help with confidential and supportive services. If you are not in immediate danger and prefer to send me an email I can get you connected with resources in your area.
1. Vodie Bauchman uses the term “prophet, priest, and provider” but clarifies that “provider” is tweaked from the concept of “king”. National Center for Family Integrated Church describe fathers as Prophet, Priest, and King.
2. Wayne Grudem tells women of 83 roles they are not allowed to have.
3. Jason Meyer shares an unfortunate misunderstanding of curbing domestic violence:
4. Helicopter Headship (A look at the correlations betweenCodependancy and Complementarianism):

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