Christian Feminism Weekly With Ashley & Charlie

After a couple of weeks away, welcome back to Christian Feminism Weekly With Ashley & Charlie! I just got back from my honeymoon and today I’m sharing about my Egalitarian wedding ceremony. Nate and I incorporated lots of non-traditional elements and Egalitarian features that fit us as a couple. Find out what traditions we opted out of and what new additions we came up with together!

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One thought on “Christian Feminism Weekly With Ashley & Charlie

  1. I love this! I 100% agree that an egalitarian wedding is all about reflecting the couple getting married, not just following rote tradition. That’s been my experience with egalitarianism in general, actually — more freedom to ME instead of stuffing me into a box!

    Now that I think about it, it would have been fun to take Erich dress shopping with me. He would have so enjoyed seeing me in all kinds of dresses. At the same time, I loved surprising him with my dress!

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