CFW: Scientology & Spiritually Abusive Christian Churches


Photo by Lwp Kommunikáció

The Church of Scientology has been in the news quite a bit lately due to Leah Remini’s mini documentary series exposing the abuse that happens in the church (or cult). This week, Ashley shares a bunch of great information on how Scientology is similar to many Christian churches. At the end, we discuss how many Christians ignore the abuse in their own churches.

“What really fascinates me is that I see Christians posting online and on social media about Scientology and how terrible it is. I see that they are recognizing the abuse and the manipulation in The Church of Scientology but it seems to me that they are ignoring what is happening in Christian Churches. Because it’s interesting, as Ashley said, a lot of the same things happening in Scientology are happening in the Christian Church as well.”


Scientology & Spiritually Abusive Christian Churches (Blog Post)

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief 

Leah Remini Documentary 


One thought on “CFW: Scientology & Spiritually Abusive Christian Churches

  1. absolutely true! some churches are worse than others of course. and some are so subtle such behavior is hardly noticeable. i simply do not attend anymore. i miss the fellowship of like minded believers but have no desire to be unnecessarily controlled or manipulated by any ministry or ‘man’.

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