CFW: Interview with Margaret Mowczko 

This week, Ashley and I are so excited to have scholar, blogger, and egalitarian, Margaret Mowczko, on the show! Tune in as Margaret breaks down the word “kephale” (head), talks about marriage, and shares about her website.

“It’s really important to look at the context of Ephesians 5 to work out what is actually being said… Pretty much all of Ephesians 5 is talking about love and how to live as Spirit-filled people and being a leader, being someone in authority just doesn’t come into it… I think the word “head” is used as being part of a head-body metaphor… because unity is what Paul is really hoping for.”

Notes and Sources: 

Towards Equality – Marg’s Story

Kephalē and “Male Headship” in Paul’s Letters
The Metaphorical Meanings of “Head” in Paul’s Letters

Extra Honour for Underdogs (1 Corinthians 12:12-31

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