CFW: Resources for Christian Feminists

  Since this is our last episode in season two, we wanted to give y’all some of our favorite Christian Feminism resources! We mention people and blogs like Sarah Bessey, Kelly Ladd Bishop, Jory Micah, Carolyn Custis James, The Thistlette, Sierra White, and many more! Do you have any sources we should check out? … More CFW: Resources for Christian Feminists

CFW: Three Traits to Watch Out for In a Guy

This week, Ashley and I are talking about three traits to watch out for in a man. These traits, which at times may seem harmless, can lead to mental, emotional, and physical abuse. “This type of [controlling] behavior is really dangerous, and it is completely unacceptable, and it can lead to other problems including physical abuse. This is … More CFW: Three Traits to Watch Out for In a Guy