Vegan On A Budget

Hi everyone! Something I am told often is, “I can’t go vegan, it’s way too expensive” or “Not everyone has the money to be vegan.” While there are definitely some expensive “luxury” vegan items, being vegan is actually really affordable and simple. We have been on a budget since we went vegan partly because weContinue reading “Vegan On A Budget”

Perfect Pan-Seared Tofu

Hi, friends! Today I am sharing my perfect pan-seared tofu recipe that we cook often. It’s simple, easy, and delicious! You can use it in a variety of ways: stir fry, veggie bowls, with rice and kimchi, burritos, with a pasta dish, etc. The possibilities are endless! Before you get started: It’s very important toContinue reading “Perfect Pan-Seared Tofu”

Vegan Q&A

Welcome back! Today I am going to be answering a few questions I’ve received about being vegan! You can check out my Youtube video or scroll down to read my written answers. Q: What inspired you to go vegan and when? For me, the two biggest factors at play in my decision to be veganContinue reading “Vegan Q&A”

Easy Veggie Tofu Bowl

A veggie bowl can be made a number of ways and with a variety of ingredients. Below is a version that I have found to be delicious and easy. I recommend reading the “Tips” section at the end of this post before cooking or buying ingredients. I’m not a fan of long posts, so let’sContinue reading “Easy Veggie Tofu Bowl”

*Vegan* Crispy Tofu

There was a restaurant by our apartment that made the BEST tofu stir fry. Over the summer, I decided to give it a go at making my own crispy tofu and it has turned out to be an amazing substitute for theirs. You can use any sauce you like, but I recommend either General Tso’sContinue reading “*Vegan* Crispy Tofu”

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