I Have A Name (By Bailey Steger)

I believe that the hurt which Bailey experienced, along with many other women, is rooted in male headship. Complementarian theology puts the spotlight on men and lets the women fade into supporting roles. It’s time we put this hurtful and sexist theology behind us, and move towards individuality. Here is her story. – Charlie  I hate being called “Mrs. … More I Have A Name (By Bailey Steger)

Christian Feminism Weekly with Ashley & Charlie

This week I’m sharing my story of how I was transformed from a priviledged comp girl to a Christian feminist woman! Here’s a preview: “I could still be complementarian in word and egalitarian in action, sitting in my privilege oblivious to everything happening around me. But thank God that He opened my eyes to see … More Christian Feminism Weekly with Ashley & Charlie

Christian Feminism Weekly with Ashley & Charlie

I am so excited for y’all to hear Ashley’s story! She has been through so much, and is such an inspiration to me. My favorite quote from this podcast is, “I began to see how equality lines up much more with the Bible, and mutual submission and mutual leadership in marriage just really fits better with the Bible … More Christian Feminism Weekly with Ashley & Charlie

He Calls Me Warrior

They call me unqualified, fragile, and ineligible. He calls me warrior. They tell me to take it down a notch; after all, women weren’t created to lead. He tells me that I am capable and strong. They try to shut me up with their misinterpreted scriptures. He whispers, “Stand firm, my daughter.” They say that … More He Calls Me Warrior